Application process

The application process has now closed.

We are looking to support cultural organisations and consortia of local cultural organisations to deliver a range of art forms from theatre and performance, writing and poetry, music and singing to the visual arts and craft. These can be delivered through the provision of weekly art sessions, delivering a one off cultural event through to the commissioning of a new piece of work.

Grant Panel assessment of applications and the outcomes to be achieved

It is a condition of applying that you first book in an appointment to hold a mandatory conversation with the Council to discuss the outline of your potential application and to discuss further our aspirations for Culture Cures.

Please contact to express your interest in applying and to arrange an appointment to discuss your potential application.

All applications to Culture Cures will be considered by a Grant Panel which will include representatives from health agencies, the cultural sector and from Nova. The Grant Panel will be chaired by the Cabinet Portfolio holder for Culture and Sport and the decision of the Grant Panel will be final.

The Grant Panel will be responsible for selecting a range of cultural organisations and consortia of local cultural organisations based on the consideration of your skills and knowledge in the delivery of activities/sessions and in the commissioning of bespoke new work. You will also need to demonstrate your experience of working within a health and wellbeing setting, and to show a clear understanding and commitment to the benefits culture brings to improving participants and a communities health and wellbeing.

The Grant Panel will also take into account how an applicant clearly demonstrates how it has previously delivered activities to meet at least two of the following Wakefield health and wellbeing outcomes:

  • Prevention and lifestyle
  • Self-care and management of longer term conditions
  • Healthy Places and wider determinants of health

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