Community Development Grant

Due to very high demand, the Community Development Grant programme has closed earlier than advertised.

This fund is expected to re-open on 1 April 2019 and list of application closing dates will be available soon. Please keep checking here for further information.

The purpose of our Community Development Grant is to provide small grants of up to £500 per financial year to voluntary, recreational and community groups working within the Wakefield District who support their development or activities by tackling inequalities.

We are responsible for administering this grant which includes assessing each application to make sure it meets our criteria, making decisions on grant allocations and monitoring the expenditure and outcomes of each project.  All applications must meet the rules of the fund, provide all the correct paperwork and each grant must have agreed aims and be able to prove that it made a difference.

When deciding when to start your project, applicants must allow us 8 weeks from each closing date to make a funding decision. However if your application is fully completed, signed and submitted with all the required supporting evidence it may be discussed at an earlier Panel.

Incomplete applications or applications without the correct supporting evidence will not be processed and returned.

What can the grant be used for?

  • To set up new community groups or to develop existing ones
  • Activities or equipment to enable groups to become self-sustaining
  • Community activities or events which improve access to information, support and opportunities for local people

Examples include:

  • Buying or hiring equipment for community activities or events
  • Paying for a training programme or learning opportunity for a group’s committee or its members
  • The cost of establishing a new community group or developing an existing group such as equipment, room rental or publicity
  • Funding a community festival, sports day or similar events (please see below for restrictions)
  • Paying for Research or Outreach work.
  • Supporting fund raising activities for the applicant in order to assist with the overall sustainability of the organisation
  • Buying basic IT equipment and necessary training to support its use
  • Design and print of community group stationery or publicity materials
  • Paying for insurance to help a group with their overheads

Community Development Grant funding cannot support the following activities:

  • Activities for religious or politically oriented purposes (although applications from religious groups for community activities are welcomed)
  • Events which involve alcohol
  • Retrospective applications - when the project has already taken place. Groups need to ensure that they make themselves aware of the time it takes to assess their application and plan their application accordingly; it can take up to 8 weeks before a decision is made
  • Activities that would normally be funded from statutory sources e.g. Local Authorities, Schools, Police
  • Organisations or projects that are for the benefit of animals or plants. Applications from environmental projects are welcome, as long as the main benefits are for people.  This scheme is intended to benefit communities of people
  • Applications for an individual, or where an individual receives the main benefit
  • Projects supporting asylum seekers that are inconsistent with immigration laws and/or Home Office policy
  • Overseas travel
  • Bank charges
  • Trips or parties
  • Food (except in exceptional circumstance)
  • Any activities that may conflict with Wakefield Council policies

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