Dog breeding establishment

Apply for a dog breeding licence

Application can be made on the associated application form.

A list of the draft conditions are available to download for information but may be varied and/or additional conditions imposed on your final licence (if approved). Details will be discussed with you as part of the application process along with any specific requirements recommended from any inspection by a veterinary practitioner.



Any person who keeps a breeding establishment for dogs at any premises and carries on at those premises a business of breeding dogs for sale must obtain a licence from the local authority. Those people who are not in the business of breeding dogs for sale, so called “hobby breeders”, and produce less than five litters in any period of 12 months do not need to obtain a licence.

You will be presumed to be carrying on a dog breeding business if, during any 12-month period, five or more litters of puppies are born to bitches which you keep on your premises (or elsewhere).

The local authority has the discretion whether to grant a licence and, before doing so, must satisfy itself that the animals are provided with suitable accommodation, food, water and bedding material; are adequately exercised and visited at suitable intervals; and that all reasonable precautions are taken to prevent and control the spread of diseases amongst dogs.

Before a licence is granted, your premises will be inspected for suitability by a veterinary surgeon or practitioner and/or a local authority inspector.

Licences will be subject to conditions and restrictions on dogs breeding frequencies, record keeping and sales

Boarding Legislation

The Animal Boarding Establishments Act 1963


Premises for boarding dogs and cats (kennels and catteries), including the home boarding of dogs must have an annual licence which we issue under the Animal Boarding Establishments Act 1963.

We will visit your premises and check that you comply with the legislation and licence conditions before we will issue a licence.

Further information on the animal boarding page.

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