Nationality checking service

If you are applying for British citizenship we can:

  • check that your application form has been filled in correctly
  • copy and certify your original documents and return them to you
  • send your application to the Home Office by secure mail (This service is for applicants submitting a paper application form for Nationality Checking only. We can no longer provide the Joint Passport and Nationality checking service)

Please see below for charges for this service.

The benefits of using the Nationality Checking Service

Using this service makes sure that:

  • applications for British nationality are completed properly before being submitted to the Home Office for consideration
  • all supporting documents are checked, copied and certified. This means your important personal documents stay with you instead of being posted to the Home Office with your application

Your application and advice about nationality

We can't give advice on nationality matters. You will need to contact the Home Office for this.

NCS is not a priority service for processing your application with the Home Office. However, complete and accurate forms are processed, on average, more quickly.

Using the service does not guarantee a successful application. The service checks the application has been completed correctly. It is then passed on to Home Office caseworkers who will consider the application and make a decision.

The time it takes for the Home Office to deal with an application can vary. Individual circumstances and factors such as the number of applications can affect this.

Our citizenship officers have been trained by the Home Office nationality team and are registered with the Office of Immigration Services Commissioner (OISC).

Booking your appointment

We offer this service at Wakefield Town Hall and Pontefract Town Hall. To book email with the following information:

  • Have you completed the Home Office Application form(s)?
  • How Many People are applying? Adults and / or Children
  • Your Name
  • Your Home Office Reference Number
  • Your Telephone number(s)
  • Your Email address
  • Please also say whether you would you be interested in our Joint Citizenship Application and Passport (JCAP):(this service is where you apply for your British citizenship and passport at the time same)

We will aim to respond to your email within 4 working days

How much do the services cost?

Nationality Checking Service

  • £70 for each adult application
  • £35 for each child (under 18 years old) application

How much does it cost to apply for British Citizenship?

You will also need to pay the Home Office for processing your application. More information about Home Office fees can be found on the Home Office website.

We will send your payment to the Home Office with your application. Home Office fees must be paid by either a debit or credit card or a cheque made payable to: The Accounting Officer, Home Office.

Please note that we cannot send cash to the Home Office.

What documents do I need to bring to my appointment?

You must bring with you:

  • your completed British Citizenship application form
  • your  supporting documents (as detailed in the Home Office guidance)
  • your method of payment to pay the Home office

It is your responsibility to check with the Home Office that all documents and qualifications are acceptable and up to date as requirements can change.

Successful applications

If your application is successful and you are over 18 you will be invited to attend a citizenship ceremony to complete the final stage in becoming a British citizen.

The certificate of naturalisation is presented at the citizenship ceremony.  People aged under 18 years do not have to attend a ceremony but can if they wish.

Citizenship Ceremonies in Wakefield

You are usually invited to attend a ceremony in your local registration district, however it is possible as part of the citizenship application to specify a preferred district. Please make your selection when completing your application form.

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