Citizenship ceremonies


Customers would normally be expected to book their citizenship ceremony within three months of being sent an invitation from the Home Office. Due to the current pandemic circumstances UKVI have extended this period to six months and will keep this under constant review.   We will update the website with any changes to keep you informed.

Please be advised that UKVI have confirmed no adverse decisions will be made on applications because of delays caused by Coronavirus.

A Citizenship Ceremony celebrates the significance and responsibility of becoming a British Citizen and to welcome our newest citizens into our community.

Public Citizenship Ceremony

Following a successful application to become a British Citizen the Home Office issues an invitation letter to the individual concerned advising them of who they should contact to arrange their ceremony.

Contact must be made with the Register Office specified in your invitation letter within 14 days of the receipt of the letter. A ceremony must be attended within three months.

During the ceremony citizens will swear or affirm an oath to the Sovereign and will make the pledge of Citizenship. The certificate of British Citizenship is presented at the ceremony by the guest of honour. Guests are welcome to come and support new citizens (up to four guests). We will also provide light refreshments for you and your guests.

No photographs are to be taken during the ceremony. There will be an opportunity to take photographs with the guest of honour, after the ceremony has taken place in order that a record can be made of this important, significant and moving occasion.

The Venue

Ceremonies are held in Wakefield at the Town Hall on every month. The ceremony is led by the Superintendent Registrar or by one of his deputies. The guest of honour is either the Mayor of Wakefield ,the Deputy Mayor or the Deputy Lord Lieutenant of West Yorkshire.

Procedure for citizens wanting to change the venue of the ceremony to another district

If a citizen wishes to change the venue of the ceremony to another district, you must contact us to arrange for the necessary paperwork to be returned to the Home Office. They will then re-send the paperwork to the new register office conducting the ceremony. This will delay when the citizen can have the ceremony and receive their certificate.

Enquiries regarding Citizenship

A prospective citizen who has not yet received an invitation letter or a member of the public with an enquiry about British citizenship and citizenship ceremonies should write to:

Home Office
Managed Migration
Nationality Group
PO Box 306
L2 0QN

Or telephone 0845 010 5200.

Further information may also be obtained from the Home Office website.

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