Register a birth


Unfortunately you are unable to register the birth of your baby at this present time.  The General Register Office advise that you are able to make a claim for child benefit or universal credit prior to the birth being registered.

Once we are in a position to register births we will update our website. You will be able to book your appointment online.

Congratulations on the birth of your baby

The Registration Service would like to be of assistance at this time by ensuring that the registration of your baby's birth goes smoothly and efficiently. All the information you require is provided in our guide - Registering the birth of your baby.

We can only offer appointments to register a birth at Wakefield or Pontefract Town Hall. Please ensure you choose one of the options when making your appointment.

What documents do I need to produce?

The discharge letter issued to you by the hospital.

It can be helpful to bring the following documents:

  • Current passports or birth certificates of the parents
  • Deed Poll - if applicable
  • Driving licence, benefit statement or council tax bill
  • Your Marriage and /or Civil Partnership Certificates - including any from previous relationships which are available

Please note that there is no legal requirement to produce these documents but if you do, they will help to ensure that your baby's birth is registered correctly.

Naming Ceremonies

We are pleased to offer naming ceremonies which are a unique and personal way of welcoming a child into the family.

Birth re-registration

Adding fathers details

If you wish to add the natural father's details to a new record of your child's birth you will need to complete a form GRO 185.

Re-registration following natural parents marriage

If you wish to make a new record of your child's birth showing your child to be a child of your marriage you will need to complete a re-registration form (LA1 form). Please contact us for further information or to make an appointment.

Re-registration following civil partnership

If you have entered into a civil partnership and your partners details were recorded on  your child's original birth entry the General Register Office can provide you with the necessary forms to re-register.  Please contact us for further information.

Changing your baby or child's name

There are some circumstances where you may be able to change your child's forename(s) in their birth entry. Any change of name(s) is subject to compliance with legislation. There is a £40 fee for this. Please contact us for further information.

Correcting a Birth Entry

Once a birth register entry has been signed by the registrar and the person registering the birth, the legal record of the event is complete.

It is important to ensure that all the information entered into the birth register is correct. Sometimes an error can occur.

A correction may only be made if the original information has been recorded incorrectly. A correction cannot be used to show new information if your circumstances have changed since the birth was registered. If you have given incorrect information then a correction fee will apply to update the registration. If the registration can be corrected at the Register Office the fee will be £75; if the correction has to be referred to the General Register Office the fee will be £90.

If there is an error on your child's birth certificate please contact us to discuss this further.

If your circumstances have changed further information is provided in the above section relating to re-registration.

Registering a Still Birth

From Saturday 28 March 2020 Wakefield Register office will be conducting still birth registration appointments by telephone only.  This is to remove the need for a person to personally collect the Medical Certificate of Cause of Still Birth (MCCSB) from the doctor and deliver to the registrar.

Only those persons with a paper MCCSB issued prior to Saturday 28 March will be permitted to register face to face. 

On receipt of the paperwork from the Doctor we will contact you to arrange an appointment.

You will be given an appointment time and a registrar will contact you 30 minutes either side of this time.  Please do not try to contact us within this time frame.  If you have not been contacted within the time frame allocated please telephone 0345 4 852 888. 

After the appointment we will send any certificates to you 1st class in the post.

The forms required to proceed with the funeral arrangements will be sent electronically at the end of the day to the Councils Bereavement Services Team.

Applying for your child’s first passport

You can apply for your child’s first passport through Her Majesty’s Passport Office’s fully digital service which is now available on the website.

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