Cesspools and septic tanks

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We run a cesspool, septic tank and forecourt emptying service. This can be a one time only, contract or emergency service. We provide a fast and flexible response service and dispose of all liquid waste at approved facilities.

You will need to tell us:

  • Where the pool or tank is
  • If there is anything in the way of the pool or tank
  • If any other properties share the pool or tank

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Other information

The difference between a cesspool and septic tank

Cesspools have no outlet, and all the water is stored inside the system. This needs to be emptied by a tanker, usually once a month depending on size and usage.

Septic tanks have an outlet pipe and only store the sludge. All the waste water passes through the system into a soakway. A septic tank is emptied annually depending on size and usage.