Real nappies

Many people still believe that the only alternative to disposable nappies are the old fashioned terry nappies - nothing could be further from the truth.

Modern reusable or real nappies:

  • are easy to use
  • come in a variety of shapes and forms
  • are made of natural fabrics
  • have flushable liners to catch any solid waste
  • fasten with velcro/aplix, poppers or use simple folds
  • can be washed on a 60 degrees cycle
  • can save parents up to £500 on the first baby alone. This takes into account the costs used for electricity, washing powder and drying
  • ...and of course, they are better for the environment

Real nappies free trial

In partnership with Shanks Waste Management we are offering residents the chance to trial real nappies for free!

You can apply for one pack per child under two years old.

Apply now for your free trial pack 

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