Pass it on

Pass it on - give your unwanted items a new home

Something that you don't want anymore can still be used by someone else. Donating unwanted items can help your local community, especially those in need. It can also help charities raise money to support those most in need.

You can also help protect the environment as re-using items reduces the amount of waste we send to landfill and reduces disposal costs:

  • 83% of sofas are not reused
  • 87% of TVs are not reused
  • 83% of dining tables are not reused

Donating your unwanted items is easy:

  • You can take them to your nearest household waste recycling centre (tip). They are open seven days  a week, and local charities come and collect some of the items to sell on or to donate to people in need
  • Take items to a local charity so they can sell them on and use the money to support those in need. Some charities will collect larger items free of charge if they are still in working order. Check with your local charity shops or websites for more details on the items they need
  • List items on Freecyle, or other online listing websites - you never know who might want them. Charges may apply
  • For larger items, arrange a bulky collection through us. Items will be taken to one of our recycling centres, where local charities may take them if they are still in good condition

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