Household Waste Recycling Centres (HWRC)

Household waste recycling centres (tips) are for Wakefield residents to recycle and dispose of their household waste.

They are managed and operated by our partner Renewi. Together, we’re working hard to keep our waste services going. 

All Renewi Household Waste Recycling Centres (HWRCs) are open, with additional safety and social distancing measures in place.

Due to queues on site, sites have had to close earlier than the published closing time. To avoid disappointment please don’t leave it to the last hour to visit us.

Please only visit if you really need to and follow the on-site guidance at all times for the safety of staff and visitors. 

Glasshoughton Household Waste Recycling Centre

South Kirkby Household Waste Recycling Centre

South Kirkby Household Waste Recycling Centre on Renewi

South Kirkby Business Park

Brigantian Way

South Kirkby


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Wakefield Household Waste Recycling Centre

Please read the following information and guidance before you visit:

HWRCs are open for essential visits only.

The household waste recycling centres are open for essential visits only. This means only bringing waste that you can’t safely store at home.

You’ll need to have a valid permit to gain access

Trailers (no larger than 6ft x 4ft) on a domestic car can come in with a residential permit.

Trailers larger than 6ft x 4ft but no larger than 8ft x 6ft on a domestic car will need a commercial vehicle permit.

Trailers of any size on a commercial type vehicle such as a van, pickup or minibus will need a commercial vehicle permit.  

The maximum size trailer permitted on site is 8ft x 6ft with a bed load of no more than 3 metres.

We’re expecting all sites to be very busy, with larger vehicle types taking longer to unload. 

You should not visit a HWRC if you are unwell, as you should be following the Governments self-isolation guidance, or if a member of your household is unwell and you should be following the 14 day stay at home guidance.

To keep all staff and visitors safe on site, please follow the safety and social distancing rules at all times:

  • Bring your permit or proof of address, Permits will not be issued at HWRCs please apply on line or via the contact centre 0345 8 506 506
  • No assistance will be given on site to unload
  • Wash your hands before your visit and when you get home
  • Use garden gloves or disposable gloves on site
  • Be patient and expect queuing
  • No pedestrian access
  • Fewer cars will be allowed on site together
  • We may need to close earlier than the advertised opening times

We’re all working really hard to keep everyone safe on site during this challenging time. Please treat our staff with respect and kindness during your visit. 

Thank you for:

  • Protecting our staff
  • Following social distancing rules
  • Being considerate of others
  • Being patient

Anyone not co-operating or posing a risk to themselves or others will not be allowed on site.

Check opening times and other information on Renewi’s website

Permits to access recycling centres

You'll need a permit to prove that you're a Wakefield resident. You can get your free permit by following the link below:

Apply for a permit >>

Yes please

These items belong at the recycling centres at Glasshoughton, South Kirkby or Wakefield:

  • Paint tins
  • Electricals
  • Batteries
  • Engine oil
  • Cooking oil
  • Clothes and textiles
  • Carpets
  • Hand tools