Your city and town centres

What changes will I see in my town or city centre? 

We want you to feel safe as you start to return to normal life. Things might be a little different and we want you to know what to expect.  

Street marshals 

Street marshals will be patrolling our busy areas. They are there to keep everyone safe and reinforce social distancing rules. If you feel vulnerable they are there to help. 


We have installed signage at the entrances of our highest footfall retail areas and on our street furniture (benches, lampposts etc.)

We have marked the ground and pavements with social distancing markers. 


We are working with our partners to monitor footfall to our towns and city centres and will limit the number of visitors when maximum numbers are reached.

You can find out how busy areas are by following our twitter account @mywakefield.


We have increased the amount of street cleaning in our towns and city centres. 

Open for business

Most, though not all, UK businesses can reopen from Monday 15 June 2020. Other businesses such as hairdressers and beauty salons and those in the hospitality industry are still closed. 

Our retail partners will also have their own restrictions and guidance in place. You can find out more:


Markets – our markets are open across the district. You can find out when your local market is open here

Supporting businesses

We are working with local businesses to ensure they are supported to open safely. Our enforcement teams will be making sure that businesses are complying with the appropriate Coronavirus (COVID-19) measures.