Counter-terrorism security

Advice for businesses

Following the recent rise in the International Terrorism Threat level to 'critcal' (meaning 'an attack is imminent'), businesses need to be extra vigilent in terms of security.

As well as performing regular security checks within their premises, businesses should also perform checks around their buildings, especially near major exits.

At entertainment venues, this should be done about 15 minutes before an interval or the end of an event.

You should:

  • Use CCTV
  • Ask staff to physically leave your premises to check around the buidling for suspicious persons or objects.
  • Remember your HOT mnemonic (see ‘Crowded Places’ advice)
  • Not be afraid to call ‘999’ if you are concerned.
  • Not be afraid to shut your doors and delay the departure of your audience until the police have checked the object of your concern.
  • Keep your customers informed as to the reasons for your actions.

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