Wakefield Learning Disability and Autism Partnership Board

​​Wakefield has a Learning Disability and Autism Partnership Board.

This helps us make sure that we meet the needs of people with a learning disability in Wakefield. The Partnership Board meets every two months. Membership of the board is made up of:

  • family carer representatives
  • people with a learning disability
  • senior managers from the Council
  • Health representatives from services who work with people with a learning disability

You can find out more about what we have done in the last year by reading our:

  • Learning Disability Annual Joint Health and Social Care Self-Assessment Framework.
  • Autism Self Assessment.
  • Winterbourne View Local Stocktake.

Meeting papers

Read the minutes from the Partnership Board meetings to find out what we talked about and what was decided.

Next meeting

  • Thursday 19 October
  • 10am - 1pm
  • Sandal Rugby Club, Standbridge Lane, Sandal, WF2 7DY

Delivery Groups

The Partnership Board has a number of delivery groups that work on different priority areas.

  • Family Carers Group - involving and supporting carers of people with learning disabilities.
  • Employment Sub Group - supporting people with learning disabilities, mental health, Autism and Hidden Impairments into work.
  • Autism Steering Group - monitors the implementation of our local and National Autism Strategy.
  • Strategic Health Group - this includes the Patient Experience Group (PEG).
  • Challenging Behaviour Strategy Group - working on the recommendations from the Winterbourne View Concordat.
  • Lift Up Friends Advocacy Group - these represent the views, wishes and needs of people with learning disabilities.

More infor​mation

If you would like to know more about the work of any of these groups please contact us.

Current work and new things

A Health Passport has important information about your health. Sharing this information with doctors, nurses, dentist and opticians, will help them to be able to support you better.

There is a VIP Hospital Passport to take with you when you go into hospital.
We want more people to fill these in. You can find the forms here:

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