Traffic Consultation – Eastmoor Terminus

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We are consulting residents and businesses based near to Eastmoor Terminus on a series of proposed improvements to help tackle parking problems.

Obstructive parking at the bus terminus (bus stop no. 18464) on Windhill Road, Eastmoor, causes issues for buses trying to use the terminus to pick up and drop off passengers and safely wait for their return journey.

The terminus allows room off the main carriageway of the road for buses to wait for longer periods, and buses should be able to do so without obstruction or without causing obstruction to others.

However, visitors to premises around the terminus often use it to park their vehicle thereby making it difficult for buses to pull up to the kerb which then affects access for bus passengers and impacts on the safety of all highway users.

Wakefield Council proposes the following improvements to reinforce the purpose of the terminus for use by buses, and to help alleviate the problems parking within the terminus can cause.

These include:

  • Introducing a ‘BUS STAND’ road marking and associated clearway restriction at the bus stop;
  • Introducing a ‘one way’ restriction on the turning circle of the terminus, allowing vehicles to enter at its easternmost junction with Windhill Road and leave via its westernmost junction with Windhill Road;
  • Introducing a ‘Disabled badge holders only’ parking bay at the eastern side of the turning circle, adjacent to the health centre;
  • Introducing a ’20 mins, No return within 1 hour’ limited waiting parking bay at the western side of the turning circle, near the business premises;
  • Restricting parking and loading at all times on the rest of the terminus and at each of its junctions with Windhill Road;
  • Narrowing the eastern ‘entrance’ to the terminus by building out the footway on the eastern side of the junction; and
  • Removing sections of pedestrian guardrail and construction of a lowered kerb crossing point adjacent to the proposed limited waiting parking bay on the west side of the terminus

Residents and businesses in the area around the Eastmoor Terminus are invited to have their say on the proposals by completing our survey by Friday 7 December, ahead of a more formal consultation later this year.​

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