Rooks Nest Road 20mph Zone

We are proposing to reduce the existing speed limit along a section of Rook’s Nest Road around Rook’s Nest Academy from 30mph to 20mph through the introduction of a new 20mph Zone.

The proposed 20mph Zone runs from a point adjacent to No. 2 Rook’s Nest Road through to a point adjacent to No. 109 Rook’s Nest Road for a distance of 481 metres. It is also intended that Kingswell Avenue, Oak Street and Stanley Lane will also be included within the 20mph Zone.

In a recent traffic survey along Rook’s Nest Road, the average speeds were found to be 22.2mph in the eastbound direction and 25.5mph in the westbound direction. In the past five years, there have been three slight personal injury accidents along the length of Rook’s Nest Road included within the proposed 20mph Zone; two of these involved cyclists and the third involved a pedestrian.

The intention of the 20mph Zone is to reduce vehicular speeds before the school in both directions with a view to improving road safety and improving the amenity of the area through which the road runs.

Businesses and residents in the area around Rook’s Nest Road are invited to have their say on the proposals by completing our survey by 31 January, ahead of a more formal consultation later this year.

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