Proposed school calendar 2018-19

We would like comments on our proposed School Calendar for 2018/19

The School Calendar proposal for 2018/19 has already been discussed by a number of Wakefield Headteachers and their suggestions have been included in the attached model. We have, where possible, tried to make Wakefield school holiday dates fit in with neighbouring local authority school holiday dates wherever possible.

The proposed calendar does not have the usual two week holiday at Easter. It has been recommended by a number of Wakefield Headteachers, for school improvement and pupil standards reasons, that schools break up one week earlier than usual and reopen the day after Easter Monday. This is because Easter falls quite late in 2019 and the first half of the summer term would be just 4 weeks long if schools remained closed during the week which incorporates Easter Monday.

The first half of the summer term is when Year 6 pupils take their SATS and when Year 11 pupils take their GCSEs. The proposal to reopen schools on the Tuesday after Easter Monday will make sure that teachers have an additional 4 days to work with Year 6 and Year 11 pupils in the run up to their tests and exams.

Thank you to all who have provided responses. The consultation period has now ended and the proposals will be put forward to Cabinet to confirm the School Calendar for 2018/19 soon.

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