Pharmaceutical Needs Assessment

This is the formal consultation for Pharmaceutical Needs Assessment (PNA) for Wakefield Metropolitan District Council 2018-2021, the final version is due to be published by the 1st April 2018. The PNA will inform the services commissioned by the Local Authority (Public Health), NHS England and NHS Wakefield Clinical Commissioning Group (WCCG).

The formal consultation on the draft PNA will run from 15th December 2017 to 15th February 2018.  All findings and comments will remain confidential and be summarised to produce the final PNA document.

  • The PNA is a key document which will be used by NHS England to make decisions about new or changes to, existing pharmaceutical services. 
  • PNAs will also be used by NHS England to make decisions in the commissioning of NHS-funded services that local community pharmacies can provide. 
  • Local Authorities and Clinical Commissioning Groups can also use the PNA when commissioning services to meet local health needs and priorities.

Please share as appropriate and tell us what you think about our draft Pharmaceutical Needs Assessment (PNA) by completing our online survey or email with your comments.