How to create a petition

One of the easiest and most popular ways of engaging in the democratic process is to sign a petition

We welcome petitions as a way in which people can indicate their views, highlight problems or suggest changes to the way that services are delivered and request that action be taken.

A petition is a quick and easy way to bring issues to the attention of our Councillors and influence local decision making.

A petition can be submitted by a person of any age who lives, works or studies in the Wakefield Metropolitan District. You can:

  • send us a paper petition
    Paper petitions should be sent to the City Solicitor, Wakefield Council, County Hall, Wakefield WF1 2QW

What needs to be in a petition

We treat as a petition any communication which is signed by or sent to us on behalf of at least 20 signatories. Petitions submitted to the Council must include:

  • A clear and concise statement covering the subject of the petition. It should state what action the petitioners wish the Council to take
  • The subject matter of the petition must relate to a function of the Council, (or its partner authorities if the petition relates to an improvement in the economic, social or environmental well being of the District which a partner authority could contribute to). Petitions may also relate to matters which are sub-regional and cross-authority
  • The name, address and signature of at least 20 people who either are resident, work or study in the Wakefield Metropolitan District.
  • Clear contact details for the person who has organised the petition so that they can be contacted and sent a detailed response to the issue the petition has raised.

Contact us

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