How to create a petition

We are planning for a greener future for the Council and want your views and ideas to help us move forward and develop our Climate Emergency Action Plan. This Action Plan will drastically reduce our carbon emissions to reach our target of becoming a carbon-neutral organisation by 2030.

Please answer the questions below and send your response to

1.    We are looking at changing the Council's fleet of vehicles from using petrol and diesel to cleaner and greener fuels. What type of technology, for example, electric power, would you like to see used in future?

2.    What do you think about converting Council buildings' heating systems from gas, coal and oil to greener fuels and renewable energy? Which options, for example using solar power, would you favour?

3.    In which ways could we make Council buildings more energy efficient? For example, installing insulation and double glazing.

4.    The Council owns land across the district. How do you think this land could be used to help to generate greener and renewable energy? For example, solar panels or growing biofuel crops.

5.    Even by delivering a range of projects we won't be able to remove all of our carbon emissions so we will need to cancel these out and. To do this we may need to look at carbon off-setting projects, such as tree planting schemes. What is your view on carbon offsetting and what type of projects would you like us to support?

If you've got anything else you'd like to say, please add in your thoughts.

Thank you for taking part.

The deadline for responding is Friday 1 November 2019.

Energy Team
01924 305887