How your Council Tax is spent

What does your Council do for you?

Every year you receive a Council Tax bill from us, but how is your money spent?

Council Tax accounts for just over 15 per cent of the money we receive each year - on average we collect £13 a week from every household.

Most of the other 85 per cent we receive comes from central Government, but this money is reducing each year. And 95 per cent of all our money is spent on universal services - services for everyone in the district. As a result we’re having to make tough decisions on how and where money is - and in some cases not - spent.

Although times are tough, we are still providing many services in the district.

This page shows you:

  • how your Council Tax is spent
  • some of the many things we do with your money
  • some of the savings we are making

We also want to know what you think.

How we spend your Council Tax


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What are we doing for you?

This year, we will:

  • Empty 13 million bins
  • Fix at least 10,000 potholes
  • Maintain 945 miles of roads
  • Look after almost 500 children in our care
  • Support 8,500 adults with needs so they can live at home
  • Deal with more than 1 million telephone enquiries
  • ...and much more.

What savings are we making?

This year, we are:

  • Reducing the frequency of grass cutting services
  • Carrying out fewer collections of garden waste than we used to
  • Spending less on youth services
  • Reducing how much we spend on schools support
  • Providing fewer, but better, libraries
  • Having to stop our sports development service

We want to know what you think.

As money becomes tighter, what services would you stop?

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