Safeguarding parents and babies

26/09/2017, PR8659

Wakefield Council is offering advice to parents and carers of babies and young children, ahead of this year’s safeguarding week.

The Council is sharing practical advice and tips from the NSPCC for safe and positive ways to hold and care for your child, to help keep them safe and give them the best start in life.

Safeguarding parents and babies

The NSPCC offers the following advice on caring for you baby:
• Skin-to-skin contact, massage and eye contact can all help you bond with your child.
• Checking if they are hungry, need changing or are too hot or cold can help you find out why they might be crying.
• Cuddling, rocking, singing and playing music can all help sooth your baby.
• Babies like to be held with their heads and necks supported and close so that they feel secure.
• It’s important to keep your cool with your child - never shake or rough handle a baby.
• Creating a distraction and draw their attention to something else can help when dealing with tantrums.

Cllr Olivia Rowley
Cllr Olivia Rowley

Cllr Olivia Rowley, Wakefield Council’s Cabinet Member for Children and Young People, said: “This safeguarding week we’ll be working closely with our partners to make sure that people feel well informed and empowered on the best ways to protect vulnerable people.

“We’re taking this opportunity to promote the advice available to parents and carers of babies and young children on how to bond with your baby and coping with crying and stress.

“New parents often feel unsure or nervous about how to care for their child or what to do for the best, but support is available through organisations such as the NSPCC. Don’t struggle, if you need help and support please pick up the phone.”

The Council and its partners take part in the national Safeguarding Week (9-13 October) as part of its commitment to ensure children and adults in the district are safe.

For more information and further support please visit
or call the NSPCC advice line on 0808 800 5000.

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