Plans for new Community Stadium at Belle Vue as Wakefield Trinity confirm they will stay in the City

20/09/2017, PR8655

Wakefield Community Stadium artist impression
Wakefield Community Stadium artist impression

The Leader of Wakefield Council has presented a proposal, which could see a new community stadium being built at Belle Vue by 2020.

At a meeting with the owners of Wakefield Trinity, Cllr Peter Box CBE put forward a proposition to build a brand new community stadium at Belle Vue, along with a retail, residential and entertainment development. The plan has been drawn up by Wakefield Council, Yorkcourt Properties and the 88m Group, who are the owners of the Belle Vue ground.

Today (20 September) Wakefield Trinity’s Michael Carter and Chris Brereton have agreed the proposal, in principle, and have confirmed that the Club will remain at Belle Vue for the 2018 season, subject to the details being finalised.

Throughout the summer, the Council, Yorkcourt and 88m Group have been exploring all possible options to try and move the stalled community stadium project forward. This has now produced an alternative solution at Belle Vue. The new partnership structure could enable the City’s much loved rugby league team to play in a new Super League standard venue on their current ground.

To speed up the delivery of the new Belle Vue project Wakefield Council has said it is willing to take out a lease on the site. This could mean that, once full agreement is reached and subject to planning approval, work could start on site in September 2018 and the new community stadium could be ready for the start of the 2020 Super League season.

Cllr Peter Box CBE
Cllr Peter Box CBE, Leader of Wakefield Council

The Leader of Wakefield Council, Cllr Peter Box CBE, said: “I am delighted that Wakefield Trinity will remain in this City.

“Today we have shared a bold proposal that has the potential to deliver a new future for rugby league and community sport in this district. If we all work together Wakefield Trinity fans can have a ground to be proud of.

“I made it very clear in July that all parties needed to explore other opportunities to move the community stadium forward. And this is exactly what has happened.

“We have been working very hard to bring this new option to the table and believe it offers the Club, fans and Wakefield residents a viable plan for a new home ground for Wakefield Trinity and a new stadium for the community.

“I am also pleased to say that Yorkcourt have made a significant step forward by putting together ‘heads of terms’ that will help fund the delivery of a community stadium. We have moved on from where we were in July and are working positively together for the good of Wakefield.

“The future of the new Belle Vue proposal now rests with the Club and a Trust who need to produce a robust business plan that clearly demonstrates how they will generate income to meet the running costs and commercial rent.

“For the sake of the fans and the Club, I would hope that this plan can be delivered as soon as possible so that we can, at last, start to make this stadium a reality.”

Wakefield Community Stadium artist impression
Wakefield Community Stadium artist impression

Michael Carter the owner of Wakefield Trinity RFL Club said: “Myself and Chris Brereton are happy, after some tense negotiations, that we have agreed in principle a future ground for Wakefield Trinity. We are yet to agree all the minute details and have agreed with all parties that this will be finalised by October 31. If this proves to be satisfactory, then the Club will stay at Belle Vue for 2018 and be in a new stadium as soon as possible.

“All parties involved have worked extremely hard to get to this point and hopefully we will see a brand new ground at Belle Vue in the near future.”

Manni Hussain, Chairman of 88m Group said: “The period running up to this agreement has been difficult for all parties concerned, that said, I am delighted that we have now reached an agreement that suits everyone. The new stadium will not only provide a home for Wakefield Trinity securing their long-term future; it will also be the centerpiece for the whole redevelopment of the site at Belle Vue, breathing new life into this important part of the city.”

Colin Mackie, Managing Director of Yorkcourt Properties said: “The officers of the Council and Yorkcourt have worked very hard on this proposal to reach agreement, which is pleasing. As the Leader says, we have always and will continue to work closely together to continue our goal of bringing jobs and prosperity to Wakefield, which this scheme will provide. With the goodwill and support of all concerned we jointly believe we can deliver this scheme.”

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