Primary school offer day

16/04/2018, PR8783

​National offer day for primary school admissions is today (April 16) when parents will find out where their child has been offered a reception class place for September 2018.


​In the Wakefield district, 93.69% of children have been offered a place at their parents' first preferred school of choice for a place in September 18.

This compares favourably with September 2017 when 92.13% of children were offered their first choice of school.

​Beate Wagner, Wakefield Council's Corporate Director for Children and Young People said: "All children have been allocated a place and more than 93% will be going to their parents' first choice of school, an increase on last year.

"We work hard to meet parental preferences and have an appeals process for anyone who is not happy with their allocation. Our priority is always to make sure that we provide the best education we can for all children in the district."

The table below shows the number of preferences met for reception year places for September 2018.

 1st preference2nd preference3rd preference4th preference5th preferencePreferences not met and a place allocated at an alternative schoolTotal applications
No. of applications38031322460944059
% of preferences met93.69%3.25%0.59%0.15%02.32% 



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