Council Leader backs 'One Yorkshire' devolution proposal

22/01/2018, PR8732

Wakefield Council’s Leader has given his support to the ‘One Yorkshire’ proposal in a bid to prevent the Government using delivery model differences to stop the devolution of power and resources to the region.

Cllr Peter Box CBE
Cllr Peter Box CBE, Leader of Wakefield Council

The Leader of Wakefield Council Cllr Peter Box CBE said: “I believe that a City Region devolution model had the potential to deliver the biggest growth in the shortest time for Wakefield.

“It's clear that the overwhelming majority of councils believe that that growth can be delivered on a wider Yorkshire geography.

“At the end of the day though we all want an ambitious devolution deal.

“Over the last few weeks it's become apparent that the government will use any difference between us over the best model of delivery as a reason for not devolving any of the powers and resources that we need to deliver our shared ambitions.

“That cannot and must not be allowed to happen.

“As someone who chaired the Yorkshire and Humber Regional Assembly for almost 10 years, I am totally committed to getting the best deal for Wakefield, the wider region and its residents.

“I will therefore be putting my full support behind the One Yorkshire proposal and will work closely with colleagues across the county to try and ensure that we have a deal in place by 2020.

“I will be working to make sure that we get a deal which matches Wakefield's ambition, has a strong sub regional element and ensures that any bureaucracy and red tape is kept to a minimum.

“Finally I hope that the government will see sense and avoid the wholly unnecessary cost of having a mayoral election in Sheffield this May.

“An interim mayor is clearly the most appropriate option in the present circumstances.

“A Coalition of the United has the best chance of transforming our region and making a real difference to the lives of those people we are privileged to represent.”

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