Council supports Stoptober challenge

28/09/2017, PR8658


Wakefield Council is supporting the national Stoptober campaign to encourage residents to quit smoking this October.

There has never been a better time to quit smoking. The latest figures show that quitting success rates are at their highest for at least a decade in the Yorkshire and Humber region, up to 19.8% for the first six months of this year, significantly higher than the average for the last 10 years (15.7%).

The report, from University College, London, coincides with the launch of Stoptober, the quit smoking challenge which has inspired over one and a half million quit attempts since 2012. The campaign is based on research that if you stop smoking for 28 days you are five times more likely to stop for good.

Dr Andrew Furber, Director of Public Health, said: “Smoking prevalence in the district has fallen in recent years, but one in five adults are still smokers. Approximately 32% of deaths in Wakefield are attributed to smoking, so stopping is the single biggest thing a smoker can do to improve their help. By giving up, smokers can dramatically reduce their chances of having a heart attack or stroke.

“Quitting is not easy, but people are four times more likely to succeed with the support of a service, such as the Wakefield Stop Smoking Service which has 13 clinics in the district.”

Cllr Pat Garbutt

Cllr Pat Garbutt, Cabinet Member for Adults and Health, said: “We’re supporting the national Stoptober campaign this year to encourage as many smokers in the district to quit throughout October and beyond. By signing up to the challenge, smokers could see real health benefits for them and their families.”

With Stoptober now in its 6th year, the UCL report gives a number of reasons why there’s never been a better time to quit, including:
• better quitting aid options, and more of them, with e-cigarettes now the most popular
• more restrictions on smoking
• banning the use of attractive brand imagery on tobacco packaging
• a strong anti-smoking culture in England and
• supportive stop smoking campaigns such as Stoptober.

Last year over half (53%) of all those taking part in Stoptober opted to use an e-cigarette as a quitting aid. This year the campaign will feature e-cigarettes in the TV ad and will do more to encourage and support smokers who are keen to try e-cigarettes to help them stop smoking.

The campaign starts on 1 October. Search ‘Stoptober’ online for all the support you need to quit.

Or residents can use the Wakefield Stop Smoking Service, which has 13 clinics across the district and can support those using e-cigarettes as a quitting aid. Visit their website at or call them on 0800 612 0011.

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