Wakefield Council responds to new heads of terms issued by Yorkcourt

18/07/2017, PR8610

Yorkcourt have let down the Council and the Club but most importantly they have let down the fans and the people of Wakefield.” – that’s the response from the Leader of Wakefield Council following the failure of Yorkcourt Properties Ltd to deliver the written assurance they had led the Council to believe was imminent.

Yorkcourt had previously confirmed their commitment to help deliver a community stadium at Newmarket, and agreed to provide a heads of terms to demonstrate exactly how they will achieve this with the co-operation of all parties.

However the heads of terms that were shared with Wakefield Council and the two Trusts involved with the community stadium, have failed to meet the needs required to take this forward.

Cllr Peter Box CBE, Leader of Wakefield Council

The Leader of Wakefield Council, Cllr Peter Box CBE said: “The heads of terms are simply not fit for purpose.

“Despite our best efforts, I have reluctantly come to the conclusion that the developer has no real intention of making good on the promise to deliver a community stadium.

“I believe we are left with no alternative than to call on Yorkcourt to walk away from Wakefield and the Newmarket scheme and stop letting our residents down.”

Wakefield Council has met with the Club and Trust to explore the available options and it was agreed that they will now work with other parties to move this forward.

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