New video highlights private fostering and its responsibilities

17/07/2017, PR8608

​A new video explaining what private fostering is and what people need know about it - has been launched by Wakefield Council.


​The video is for parents who are considering entering into a private fostering agreement and explains what they are obliged to do, such as notifying the Council of the arrangement.

By monitoring and supervising private foster placements, the Council can help to safeguard children.

Cllr Olivia Rowley
Cllr Olivia Rowley

​Cllr Olivia Rowley, Cabinet Member for Children and Young People, said: "If you're considering entering into a private fostering arrangement please watch the video – which gives clear information on what you need to do.

"There is a legal requirement for parents to let us know their plans, so that we can help to keep children in our district safe and support their families."

To watch the video visit

Private fostering is when a child under the age 16, or aged 18 if disabled, is being cared for by someone other than a parent or a close relative for 28 days or more.  A close family relative is a grandparent, brother or sister, uncle or aunt, step-parents related by marriage, or a full or half-relation, such as a half-brother.

A private fostering arrangement is made between the parent and carer. The birth parent retains parental and financial responsibility and should be involved in all decisions concerning their child.  

Examples of private fostering include children who are sent from abroad to stay with another family, children on a holiday exchange or living with host families while studying, teenagers staying with friends after severing family ties and children being cared for by others due to parental illness.

Parents and carers who are planning to privately foster their child need to contact the Council at least six weeks before the arrangement begins. Or, if it's an emergency, they need to get in touch within 48 hours of the arrangement being made.

To register a Private Foster arrangement, call 0345 8 503 503. Or email  or visit

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