Transformation of the historic Albion Court area of the city

12/07/2017, PR8604

​The Council has worked with local businesses to help transform the historic Albion Court area of the city centre.

Cllr Denise Jeffery at Albion Court
Cllr Denise Jeffery at Albion Court

​Albion Court is an original medieval yard on Westgate. Over the last decade, it has become a vibrant and popular destination, with several bars and a restaurant. However, the area had started to become dated and was in need of refurbishment.

Cllr Denise Jeffery
Cllr Denise Jeffery

​Cllr Denise Jeffery, Wakefield Council's Cabinet Member for Economic Growth and Regeneration, said: "We are delighted to have been able to work with the businesses in this area to help breathe new life into this historic and popular part of the city.

"These works have transformed Albion Court by upgrading the yard's appearance, creating an attractive environment that still reflects its historic heritage.

"We hope this will help to boost our local economy by attracting new audiences into the city centre, and will help preserve this historic yard for years to come."

This joint initiative has seen the Council undertake environmental improvements including relaying the cobbled road and pavements - costing approximately £100,000. The businesses have carried out a £500,000 refurbishment of their bars.

The partnership has included Wakefield Council, the owners of the Stereo Bar, Mex Bar, the Exchange Bar, 55 Westgate, Fanny & Bacardi's and a new venue called Kindred Spirit.

Ashley Crecraft, Managing Director at Avenue Bars Ltd, said: "Wakefield city centre has now started to gain a momentum for development and this project has given us the confidence to invest as a company. The council have done a great job with the improvements.

"I'm hopeful that it will now attract a wide age range of customers at all times of the day, as we have noticed a trend towards people enjoying a drink earlier in the evening and on Saturday afternoons. Our new bar, Kindred Spirit, will certainly be catering for this."

 A grand opening event is taking place on Friday 14 July.