New proposals put to developer in bid to move Newmarket development forward

12/04/2017, PR8531

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Wakefield Council’s Leader has called upon the developer responsible for delivering a community stadium to consider new agreements, to enable the Newmarket plan to move forward.

At a meeting with Colin Mackie, Managing Director of Yorkcourt Properties Ltd, Cllr Peter Box proposed that Yorkcourt agree to replace the existing Unilateral Undertaking with a Multi-Lateral agreement and accept the Newcold site as part of the Newmarket development, even though planning law does not require the developer to do so.

The Newcold planning application granted consent for a two-phase construction programme covering around 40,000sqm. The Newcold building, covering 22,300sqm, was part of phase one and work on phase two is now underway.

This would then be a significant contribution towards reaching the 60,000sqm footprint, which is one of the trigger points that needs to be met before the developer is required to fulfil his obligation to build the stadium. This requirement is outlined in the current Unilateral Undertaking agreed by Yorkcourt and the Secretary of State in 2012.

Cllr Box has requested that a new Multi-lateral Section 106 agreement is put in place to supersede the existing Unilateral Undertaking. This would be an agreement between the developer, Wakefield Trinity Rugby League Football Club, Wakefield and District Community Trust and Wakefield Council, where all parties would be signed up, with clear areas of responsibility.

Cllr Peter Box CBE
Cllr Peter Box CBE, Leader of Wakefield Council

​The Leader of Wakefield Council, Cllr Peter Box CBE said: “After months of negotiations, I am pleased that the developer has agreed to my suggestion to replace the Unilateral Undertaking with a Multi-lateral agreement.

“The Council are committed to doing everything we can to bring to fruition the development of a new community stadium for Wakefield.”

Last week the Council issued a comprehensive statement explaining the local authority’s position on the issues surrounding the Newmarket community stadium, the Newcold development and clarifying the support it has given the Club and the Trust to date.

Following the release of the statement, Wakefield Council has been approached by the Trust who have indicated their intention to work with the Council to realise the development of a stadium.

“Following the agreement of the developer to put a Multi-Lateral agreement in place, the Trust have indicated their support to work with all parties involved to make the Newmarket Stadium a reality. If new arrangements can be put in place then we have a fresh, fit-for-purpose mechanism to drive this forward.

“I have pledged the Council’s continued support and we stand ready and willing to work with everyone involved.”

Further meetings will take place with the developer and the Trust in the coming weeks.


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