Council Leader responds to allegations from local Conservative Group

06/04/2017, PR8520

The Leader of Wakefield Council has responded to the comments and allegations made by Cllr Nadeem Ahmed about the Council’s involvement with Wakefield Trinity and the Newmarket development.

Cllr Peter Box CBE, said: “The insinuation by Cllr Ahmed that I have a ‘personal interest’ in this matter is not only outrageous, but totally untrue.

“It is blatantly wrong to say that I have, at any time, refused to answer any questions on this matter.

“My only interest is as the Leader of Wakefield Council. It is in this capacity that I have held meetings with the Club, the developer and the Community Trust, the body actually responsible for the delivery of a new stadium. These meetings are still ongoing.

“It is not the case that the Council has mishandled this matter. Members have, at all times, acted in accordance with proper legal and planning advice.

“The simple fact is that there are two trigger points in the Unilateral Undertaking, and when these triggers are met, the stadium should be built. Neither of these two trigger points have been reached.

“It was the Conservative Secretary of State who accepted the Unilateral Undertaking – not Wakefield Council. Wakefield Council has always wanted a Multi-lateral Undertaking, which the Council would have been part of.

“Perhaps Cllr Ahmed should look to his fellow Conservatives to find out why the Unilateral Undertaking was agreed.

“Finally, I can confirm that once the two trigger points in the Unilateral Undertaking have been reached then the Council will take every power at our disposal to enforce the obligation to build a stadium.”


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