People asked to help prevent spread of Avian flu



People are being asked to help prevent the spread of Avian flu to the UK's domestic birds.

The Department of Environment Farming and Rural Affairs (DEFRA) is taking action after an infectious strain of Avian Influenza was recently found in many European countries.  There is a concern that if the virus comes into the UK, it could affect many thousands of birds.

Cllr Maureen Cummings, Cabinet Member for Environment and Communities at Wakefield Council said: "I'd advise everyone to take time to read and understand the guidance, as we all have a role in helping to protect the bird population."

DEFRA is asking bird keepers to ensure domestic poultry, fowl and other captive birds in England are kept separate from wild birds

Anyone who finds dead wild waterfowl, such as swans, geese or ducks, or five or more dead wild birds of other species in the same place, is advised to report it to the Defra helpline (Tel: 03459 33 55 77).

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