Polish delegation praise their visit to Wakefield

​Date: 01/12/2016

Ref: PR8418

A delegation from Konin who visited Wakefield to promote economic cooperation between the cities has praised the district.

Business leaders, Konin's mayor and a  university representative from the central Polish city, which is twinned with Wakefield, spent three days in the area, learning about local government and how it works with partners in the education sector and in trade to support business development, engagement and tourism.

Last year a delegation from Wakefield visited Konin as a first step to reviving business cooperation and to encourage stronger links between the cities.

The Mayor of Konin, Josef Nowicki, stressed that the visit was valuable as it would help to build professional links and strengthen relationships between the cities

Cllr David Jones, Deputy Cabinet Member for Economic Growth and Skills, said: "The visit by the  Mayor and business representatives from our twin city of Konin, Poland gave the two cities further opportunities to discuss new links and collaborations.   

"It was a pleasure to share our experiences and knowledge and, identify common ground. It was also an excellent opportunity to celebrate our twinning with our local Polish business community."

The Konin delegation spent time in different places across the district including Wakefield Council's Town Hall, Pontefract Museum and Wakefield College.

The cost of flights and travel was covered by the Konin delegation, with Wakefield covering the cost of accommodation and hosting – which was consistent with the arrangement for the Wakfefield visit to Konin.


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