Back to school road safety advice


Ref: PR8330

Parents are being urged to advise their children on road safety as part of their back to school preparations.

Wakefield Council is issuing the advice to help prevent road incidents and accidents and to help keep the district’s children safe.

Cllr Matthew Morley, Cabinet Member for Transport and Highways, said: “It’s the time of year when parents and carers are preparing their child for the start of the new term and as part of their plans I’d like to remind them talk about road safety.

“We can reduce the risk of accidents if parents and carers talk to their children about how to cross roads safely, as well as stressing the importance of always being alert around traffic and warning them to avoid distractions such as using mobile phones.”

For children travelling to school by bike, parents are being advised to check over the bicycle, ensure their child wears a helmet and knows how to ride safely.

Drivers are also being asked to be courteous at crossings and not to park on school zig zag lines.

Cllr Morley added: “I’d like to ask everyone, whether they are pedestrians, drivers or cyclists to be considerate to others and to make a personal commitment to always use our roads safely.”
For further tips and advice on road safety visit.