Civil Parking Enforcement starts in Wakefield

Wakefield Council is taking over the powers for enforcing parking restrictions across the district from today (13 June).

Civil Parking Enforcement means the powers for enforcing parking on yellow lines and parking bays will transfer to the Council’s Civil Enforcement Officers and will no longer be the responsibility of the police.

Motorists whose parking contravenes the regulations will be issued with a Penalty Charge Notice which costs £70 or £50 depending on the seriousness of the contravention.

This charge is reduced by 50% if it is paid within 14 days of the PCN’s issue date. Failure to pay a Penalty Charge Notice will result in further action, including an increased charge.

The main purpose of civil parking enforcement is to change the behaviour of motorists by encouraging them to abide by parking restrictions that serve an important purpose. For a short period of time, motorists who park in contravention of the regulations will be given warning notices to help them adapt to the new restrictions.

However, motorists should not expect to receive a warning before being issued with a penalty charge notice and are advised to comply with the parking restrictions from the 13 June or risk a fine.

The Police will continue to issue Fixed Penalty Notices for certain parking offences, which have not been decriminalised. These include parking on pedestrian zigzag lines, vehicles causing an obstruction and taking action against vehicles where security or other traffic policing issues are involved.

Cllr Matthew Morley, Wakefield Council’s Cabinet Member for Transport and Highways, said: “Civil parking enforcement will make our district’s roads safer and improve traffic flow around the district.

“Businesses should also benefit from the new powers because short-term parking areas such as outside local shops will receive better enforcement. This should deter motorists from parking longer than permitted and make it easier for motorists to find a space when needed.”

Motorists who receive a Penalty Charge Notice will be directed to the Council website where they can pay their fine or appeal.

Any monies received through Penalty Charge Notices will be used to fund the cost of the service, and if there is any additional surplus this will be reinvested into the district’s roads.

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