Councillors to discuss Good Growth plan

Date: 02/03/2016
Ref: PR 6186

Councillors are to discuss a 'Good Growth' plan which sets out the Council and its partners ambitions to improve the long term economy of the Wakefield district.

The recommendation is for Wakefield councillors to approve an action plan at the Cabinet meeting on March 8.

The Plan is aiming to boost residents' quality of life and the district's overall economy, by having a long term focus with a clear direction and goals for the Council and its partners.

Among the aims are plans to create a more diverse economy and to encourage socially responsible employers to come to the district, as well as having the right infrastructure in place such as better transport. These are all based on three key priorities: growing good businesses, growing good jobs and growing resilient communities.

The 'Good Growth' plan also has a specific aim to help residents, so they are not only ready to take up jobs but have higher skills so can take up better quality jobs.

Examples of the other goals to be achieved include getting university status for the district, more higher level apprenticeships and increasing business support for some sectors. The plan would also tackle low pay and help more residents into work.

If approved, the Council would lead the implementation of the Plan alongside Wakefield's private sector led Enterprise Partnership.

Cllr Peter Box, leader of Wakefield Council said: "This is about looking to the future and building on the momentum we've already had with successful regeneration in the district.

"The Good Growth action plan is outlining how we could work better together to not only deliver more jobs but also better jobs.

"It is important that we and local employers continue to invest in and raise skills levels to attract more high skilled businesses and jobs."

If approved by councillors, the plan would be actioned, and a series of economic measurements would be put in place to help monitor progress.