Keeping Wakefield moving this winter

​Date: 13/01/2016
Ref: PR 6153

Wakefield Council is gearing up to help to keep the roads moving this winter with regular gritting and is asking drivers to do a few simple tasks to drive safe in wintery conditions.

The Council grits 40% of roads, which are used by 90% of all the traffic in the district. Gritting is carried out on A and B roads, including roads leading to main hospitals and large schools and any potentially hazardous routes. The Council has 15 dedicated gritting vehicles covering 560km of the district's roads.

There are also over 340 grit bins across the district which have been restocked since November. These are for use by the public to help in mainly snow conditions and are checked and refilled on a regular basis.

Cllr David Dagger, Cabinet Member for Highways and Transportation, said: "We will be doing everything we can during the winter weather to keep the district moving but we urge all motorists to stay safe and take care whilst driving if your journey is necessary.

"If you do need to drive in wintery conditions, use a gritted route as soon as possible and drive carefully. For most, the nearest treated road is only a few hundred metres from your departure point. Before setting off please consider if the journey is necessary and check lights and windows are free of ice."

Some tips for winter driving include:

• Check lights and windows are free of ice
• Check the latest weather forecast
• Only drive if necessary
• Drive slower, even if the road looks to have been treated
• Carry equipment like a shovel, blanket and a flask containing a warm drink.

There are more tips for safe winter driving at

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