£1 million lent out to help Wakefield residents improve their homes

​Date: 21/12/2015

PR ref: 6142

Wakefield Council’s House Proud Loan scheme has helped out with over £1m of works to help residents in the district improve their homes.

The scheme was launched in 2003, in partnership with the White Rose Credit Union. It can provide up £7000 to homeowners to carry out essential home repairs, such as new windows, roof repairs, electrical wiring, improving heating systems, insulation, new bathrooms and kitchens.

Since the project launched, over 300 households in the district have taken advantage of the loan scheme with over £1 million which has enabled them to make their homes more comfortable and better to live in. The loans are interest free, with no set-up fees and repayable over five years making them more affordable.

Cllr Denise Jeffery, Cabinet Member for Economic Growth and Skills, said: “This loan has already helped so many people across the district. It gives people the money they might need to carry out essential repairs to their homes or pay for any special adaptations, which will help them to remain in and enjoy their home.

“We are very proud of the success of the scheme and hope more residents will take the opportunity to improve, maintain and keep their homes warm.

“When loans are repaid, the money is recycled to help more home owners and this means that the scheme is in good shape for the foreseeable future.”

The scheme also provides support and advice to find reputable builders and tradesmen and practical help to ensure the work is done to a good standard.

These interest free loans are available to low income home owners and the over 60s but you need to phone up and find out more.
To find out more call 01924 306665 and ask for Janet Howley or email