Wakefield Domestic Abuse Service welcomes financial boost

​Date: 16/12/2015
Ref: PR 6138

Wakefield Council's Domestic Abuse Service has been awarded nearly £25,000 to make sure that victims of domestic abuse get access to the support they need.

The Council has received £24,834 from the Department for Communities and Local Government (DCLG) to support its Wakefield Domestic Abuse Service.

The Free from Fear Project builds upon the Wakefield Domestic Abuse Service's commitment to reduce the impact of domestic abuse on families forced to access refuge and temporary accommodation. The project will equip front-line staff across the Council that work with vulnerable adults with the skills and expertise needed to identify and support victims of domestic abuse. They will be able to do this through a thorough understanding of the cultural issues that can lead to domestic abuse, as well as an understanding of the characteristics used by controlling family members.

The project will be delivered in partnership with the Well Women Centre through the delivery of the Freedom Programme – a nationally recognised 12 week course based on the book 'Living with the Dominator'. It explores the characteristics used by controlling partners and enables women in violent and abusive situations to recognise unhealthy relationships.

Due to the emerging demand for domestic abuse services from women within the district fleeing honour based violence and forced marriages, front-line staff will also receive training from Creative Minds. This will help staff to identify these and other domestic abuse related issued from the BME community.

Cllr Maureen Cummings, Chair of the Community Safety Partnership and Wakefield Council's Cabinet Member for Environment and Communities, said: "This is fantastic news for the Wakefield Domestic Abuse Service. Residents have already benefited from more localised support, a new victims hub and increased campaigning to encourage people to get support.

"We are delighted that this funding will help further improve the service we can give to our residents, to help identify those that need our support and make sure that they receive the help they need.

"No one should ever be subjected to any kind of abuse at home or anywhere and our Domestic Abuse Service is working to support those at risk. If you, or someone you know, is a victim of abuse please report it."

To contact the Wakefield District Domestic Abuse Service call 0800 915 1561 or visit www.wakefield.gov.uk/domesticabuse