Council Tax Support Scheme approved at Council meeting


PR ref: 5119

Councillors have voted to keep Wakefield's local Council Tax Support scheme in place for another year. The scheme is supporting thousands of adults on a low income.

Members of Wakefield Council agreed a recommendation from the Council's Cabinet to retain the district's Council Tax Support Scheme during the 2016/17 financial year.

The scheme, introduced in April 2013, helps around 30,000 residents on low incomes to pay their Council Tax. Of these, 14,000 are of pension age and 16,000 are of working age.

Cllr Graham Stokes, Cabinet Member for Corporate Performance, said: "We have one of the lowest rates council tax in the country. We are committed as a council to the welfare and wellbeing of all residents, including those who need support to help with their Council Tax payments.

"Our aim is to provide a scheme which is fair to residents who are eligible for support but also fair to all Council Tax payers who depend on council services".

The scheme will offer some stability to citizens in an otherwise difficult financial environment.

Wakefield Council's scheme is based on a number of principles which include; everyone should pay something, incentivising work, everyone in the household contributing, not paying benefits to people with relatively large capital or savings and the level of award should be determined by individual circumstances.