Council appeals for considerate driving through residential areas

​Date: 18/11/2015
Ref: PR 5117

Wakefield Council is urging motorists across the district to drive considerately and safely at all times, especially in residential areas.

Cllr David Dagger, the Council's Cabinet member for transport and highways, said that speeding in built-up areas increased risk of accidents, makes people fear for children's safety, endangers pedestrians and cyclists and causes a noise nuisance.

He said: "Motorists often admit to speeding and rat running giving reasons such as they were running late and wanting to make up for lost time.

"Rat running or cut-through driving is very controversial and is often opposed by homeowners on the affected streets. Some people regard it as a disturbance of their peace and also fear for their safety.  

"Always drive at the appropriate speed for the road and weather conditions and drive slowly in areas where there are likely to be pedestrians, cyclists and parked cars."

He added the motorists using roads in residential areas also needed to be alert to vehicles emerging from junctions and drive ways, car doors opening and vehicles moving off, children running out between parked cars, cyclists and pedestrians.

"Please drive carefully and remember to respect other road users and to be patient," said Cllr Dagger. "We want our roads to be safe for everyone who uses them."