Don’t lose your right to vote

​PR Ref: 5029

Date: 11/08/2015

Each household across the district is to receive a form in August asking them to confirm details of the people in their home who are eligible to vote.

It is part of a major change to the elections administrative system, which means that instead of registering to vote as one household, people are now required to register individually.

As part of this process of bringing in Individual Electoral Registration, (IER), each household will need to respond to the form.

This is the biggest change in the management of the electoral register and it is vitally important that everyone responds to the information, by getting in touch with the Council’s electoral team, as outlined in the letter.

Joanne Roney, Electoral Registration Officer and Chief Executive at Wakefield Council, said: “The way people register to vote has changed so it is important that everyone checks and responds to these forms as quickly as possible to retain their right to vote.

“By responding early people will help to save Council resources and enable us to manage the change efficiently, so please play your part in helping us by getting in touch quickly.”

Wakefield Council is issuing the forms to all homes from late August. It is asking people to check their details are correct. Residents need to check the details on the form and respond as soon as possible, even if there are no changes.

Some voters will need to register under the new IER system and will receive a separate form after completing the household response.

People’s credit rating can be affected if they are not registered to vote and they may have problems applying for a mortgage, loan or other financial arrangement.

IER will help in preventing fraud by enabling government to verify that everyone on the register is who they say they are.

The next council and Police and Crime Commissioner elections will be held in May 2016.