World War One soldiers' sketches to go on display at Wakefield Museum


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An exhibition of sketches made by injured World War One soldiers is to be displayed at Wakefield Museum in a free, one-off, event.

The pop-up exhibition on Wednesday 25 March from 5pm - 7.30pm features enlarged drawings and writing by soldiers compiled in an autograph book from the White Rose Hospital, Heath Hall, where they were treated.

The collection, which is Wakefield's unique record of soldiers recovering from World War One, features little rhymes and snippets of wisdom such as 'distance parts but does not fever, a friend remains a friend for ever'.

There are also sketches of soldiers, family, regiment badges and humorous cartoons, made in pencil and ink.

During the event an actor playing the part of George Kellett, a Wakefield soldier, who recorded his experiences in a diary, will be on hand to answer questions about the war.

Cllr Les Shaw, Cabinet Member for Culture, Leisure and Sport at Wakefield Council, said: "I'd encourage anyone with an interest in World War One and in the experiences of soldiers from our district, to come along to this event.

"It will give a fascinating insight into what life was like for injured service people as they attempted to rebuild their lives."

There is no need to book for the event at the museum at Wakefield One, Burton Street.

Visitors will also be able to see Wakefield Museum's new exhibition, A Call to Arms – the art of persuasion, which features recruitment posters from World War One.

The posters persuaded a generation of young men to join the army. Some appeal to a sense of duty, some to patriotism and others talk about the camaraderie between soldiers. All are visually striking and some are design classics.