Changes to household waste collections in Wakefield district delayed as vital equipment is stranded in frozen Canadian river

​Date: 05/03/2015

Residents across the Wakefield district are being notified that changes to household waste collections scheduled to take place this month will now be delayed until the summer because vital recycling equipment is stranded due to the exceptionally icy conditions 3,500 miles away in North America.

Wakefield Council is telling householders to ignore letters advising of bin round changes from March 16 and says these changes will now take place later in the year. 

Household bin collections will continue as normal with no changes to collection days or the current system of three wheelie bins and a recycling box until further notice.

Cllr Maureen Cummings, Cabinet Member for the environment, said: “We are really sorry that we are having to ask people to disregard letters which have already been sent out, but this is due to factors beyond our control. 

“Vital equipment for the new recycling facility in South Kirkby has been stranded in the frozen Hudson River in North America where conditions have been exceptionally icy in recent weeks. Without this equipment we cannot complete the new recycling system as we had hoped to do this month.

“Once they became aware of situation in North America, our waste PFI partners, Shanks, identified another facility in the UK to take the district’s waste until South Kirkby is equipped and ready.

“But they were notified at the last minute that this is not now an option and cannot find another facility to take the district’s waste at such short notice. This leaves us with no alternative but to postpone the planned changes to the district’s waste collections until later in the year.”

Peter Eglinton, Managing Director of Shanks Waste Management said: "We apologise for any inconvenience or confusion this has caused. We are working with the Council and our suppliers to get the required equipment delivered as soon as possible so we can start making more from the waste produced by the district. We look forward to continuing to work with the Council and local residents to maximise recycling and increase diversion from landfill."

The Council is sending out a second letter to residents explaining the reasons for the delay in changes to household waste collections and asking people to ignore the previous letter, leaflet and calendar and to continue with their normal routine until further notice. People’s bin day will not change at the moment. Information will also be posted on the Council’s website at

Residents are advised to put glass, plastic bottles, jars and cans into recycling boxes and paper and card into recycling bins as normal.  Anyone who has already started putting other recycling into paper and card bins should simply put these bins out for collection as normal, but immediately resume using the recycling boxes.

Cllr Cummings added: “We appreciate that this will cause inconvenience and uncertainty for householders, but we are committed to delivering a better waste management and recycling service for all homes as soon as we possibly can.”