Councillors to discuss new Care Act at Cabinet meeting

Date 16/12/2014

Members of Wakefield Council's Cabinet are to discuss plans for a new law, described as the most significant reform of care and support in over 60 years, at their meeting on December 23.

The Government introduced the Care Act in May 2014, but has delayed its implementation until April 2015, due to the scale of changes required. 

The new law introduces a raft of new measures, as well as bringing together existing laws around community care. For example it includes improved rights for carers by ensuring they are treated on the same basis as service users, with a right to an assessment and to any services, which they qualify for.

It also offers a fairer deal for those paying for the cost of their care, introduces a national eligibility for care services and gives people access to better information and advice so that they can plan their future.  It also gives a commitment to seeking to prevent long-term ill health, by providing people with early access to good quality advice and support.

Cllr Pat Garbutt, Cabinet Member for Adults and Health, said: "These changes aim to help people in need by offering more support at an earlier stage. However, whilst we welcome many aspects of the new Care Act the Council is concerned that the new responsibilities will not receive the funding necessary to ensure that local people get the support they need. At a time when the Council is making huge reductions in its budgets, this uncertainty is a major concern for us."