New waste collection scheme for the district’s residents from next year


People across the district are being asked to look out for a letter next week as Wakefield Council lets them know about widespread changes to the way they recycled.

In the letter – which will be delivered to all homes across the district next week (wc 8 Dec) – residents will be told that from Spring 2015 they no longer need to use their recycling boxes, in a campaign that will see the Council simplify its collection arrangements to just 3 bins.

The changes are needed to ensure that our rubbish is sent to the recycling plant at South Kirkby in the right way so it can be treated and recycled.

The new treatment facilities will use technology – which includes lasers and magnets that will accurately sort all of our waste – so residents will no longer need to put their plastic bottles, glass and tins in a box. Instead those items can go into the current paper bin and they will be sorted at the plant.

Maureen Cummings, portfolio holder for the communities and the environment, said: "We want to make it easier for people to recycle and have listened to residents' feedback about the box.

"Our 25 year partnership with Shanks Waste Management has allowed us to develop the fantastic new recycling plant at South Kirkby, which means jobs for the area not only at the moment during construction, but permanently when it starts operations.

"The plant will also help us increase recycling rates which, in common with other areas, have been static at around 40% for the last few years.

"We have carried out trials of the new system in a number of areas across the district and it has been well received by the public''.

The changes will also mean that some residents will have a change of bin day, but the details of who this affects are still being planned.

Following the letter this month, residents will get another letter at the end of February 2015 giving them full details about the new scheme and whether their bin day will change.

Residents are being reassured they will continue to receive a weekly bin collection service – one week recycling, one week household waste.