Report asks councillors to re-affirm plans for new system of household waste collection

​Date: 25/11/2014

Councillors are being asked to re-affirm plans for a new system of household waste collection, in the light of new legislation to be implemented on January 1, 2015.

A report to Cabinet members meeting on December 2 highlights that planned changes to the Council's household and trade waste collections will be compliant with the new regulations.

If approved by councillors, from Spring 2015 householders across the district will be asked to use three bins instead of three bins and a box.

One bin will allow householders to recycle cardboard, glass bottles, cans and plastic bottles, a second for general household waste, and a third for garden waste.

The recycling would be collected from householders and sent to new waste treatment facilities, which can separate all the items out so they can then be sent for reprocessing into new products.

Cllr Maureen Cummings, Member for Environment and Communities, said: "Members will be asked to share their views on plans for the new household and trade waste collection systems".

"The plan is to make it easier for households and businesses to recycle and the Council has invested in the construction of new waste treatment facilities".

As part of their discussions, members of the Cabinet will consider a part of the report which explains that since the Council began to consider changes to its waste and recycling collection service, new legislation has recently been introduced.

The legislation requires that by January 1, 2015 collection authorities should collect glass, metals, plastics and paper and cardboard separately from each other and from household waste, this would require householders to be issued with at least six separate containers in which to separate out their household waste. This option would cost the Council an extra £7m a year to put in place. Collection authorities must demonstrate compliance with the legislation or undergo an assessment that proves that it is not technically, economically and environmentally practical to introduce.

The report explains that the Council has reviewed several options and carried out an assessment, which demonstrates that it is not technically ,economically and environmentally practical to introduce separate collections, and so are not legally obliged to introduce this system. The recommendation is for councillors to approve the option that demonstrates compliance, removes the need for six containers for different waste materials and which would save £1.4 million a year.