Are you registered to vote?

​Date: 25/11/2014

People across the Wakefield district who are eligible to vote are being urged to make sure their names are on the electoral register.

A report to Wakefield Council's Cabinet meeting on December 2, details how the Council is implementing the new national system of Individual Elector Registration (IER).

The new system means that instead of one person being able to register everyone in a household to vote, each person now is now required to register individually.

Wakefield Council's Chief Executive and returning officer for elections, Joanne Roney said: "We are making good progress in bringing in the new system but things are now different and we want to make sure everyone in the household is individually registered to vote."

"2015 is a big year for elections with the General Election, council elections and town and parish councils elections all taking place on May 7.  Please make sure you are registered and if you need help, do contact us. Don't lose your vote."

All residents should have received a letter over the past few months to inform them of the changes to registration. People who did not receive a letter should

visit or call electoral services on 01924 305023.

People who have recently moved and have not applied to go on the register at the new address, should visit and register online. 

The introduction of Individual Electoral Registration (IER) will modernise the way people register to vote, help to tackle electoral fraud and improve confidence in the electoral register, said Ms Roney.

The new system was introduced in June and eligible voters are now asked for date of birth and National Insurance number which are checked against government records to help make sure that registrations are genuine.