Annual Public Health report highlights how prevention is better than cure

​PR 4779
17 November 2014

Wakefield Council’s Director of Public Health is calling on people to smoke less and exercise more to help make the district a healthier place to live.

Dr Andrew Furber has made the recommendations in his 2014 annual Public Health report, issued today (Monday December 17), which provides a detailed analysis of the state of the area’s health.

This year’s report has a theme of ‘prevention is better than cure’ and focuses on how residents can take action to look after their health, and reduce the risk of developing a serious illness.

Wakefield Council took over responsibility for Public Health in the district in 2013. It now oversees smoking cessation, alcohol and drug misuse services and public health services for children and young people. It is also responsible for interventions to tackle obesity and public mental health, dental health and sexual health services.

Dr Furber said: “My report aims to highlight what we as individuals, as communities, and as organisations can do to protect our health through all stages of our lives.
“Without action we will not see the impact on the longstanding health and wellbeing challenges within the district.

“This report includes an update on some of the most important data on health in our district. Although many of our services perform very well we still see too many people affected by preventable disease.”

The report highlights an aim for Wakefield to become a smoke-free district for future generations. Tobacco is the biggest cause of preventable illness in the area.

There is also a commitment for the Council to work with partners to encourage physical activity because of its positive effects on the wellbeing of people of all ages.
Another key recommendation is to make Wakefield district dementia friendly - to prevent the impact of dementia.

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