Enjoy your food safely this Christmas

Date: 10 November 2014
PR 4774

Wakefield Council is reminding residents of the importance of food safety as the countdown to Christmas begins.

As a part of a national campaign by the Food Standards Agency, the Council is encouraging residents eating out over the festive period, to  take part in a 'look before you book' initiative.

The message is to check a restaurant's food hygiene rating online or by looking out for the food hygiene rating sticker in the restaurant,  to avoid the risk of getting food poisoning and other serious illnesses.

Cllr Maureen Cummings, Cabinet Member for Environment and Communities said: “With Christmas just around the corner we want to make sure residents can enjoy good company and food– rather than worrying about a serious bout of food poisoning.

“Often, it can be difficult to recognise how clean a restaurant is or how tidy the staff look – so it is extremely important to keep an eye out for the food hygiene rating sticker in the front window or to have a quick check online.”

Catherine Brown, Chief Executive, Food Standards Agency, agrees: “This Christmas, do this one little thing for peace of mind when eating out. Take a moment to check the food hygiene rating, pick the right place, and enjoy a great meal out.”

The food hygiene rating looks at hygiene standards in restaurants and other food businesses and can be checked online on www.food.gov.uk/ratings Alternatively, look out for a green and black sticker in their premises, or if you can’t see one, just ask.

The hygiene ratings are determined by local authority food safety officers and run from 0-5, with a 5 rating meaning a very good level of food hygiene. If a green and black sticker isn’t visible in the window or if a restaurant has a low rating online, this will help residents make a better informed choice.

For more information www.food.gov.uk/business-industry/caterers/hygieneratings