Wakefield Council lights up Clock Tower to celebrate NHS birthday

30/06/2020, PR-9451

​Wakefield Council is lighting up the Clock Tower at Wakefield Town Hall to celebrate the 72nd birthday of the NHS.

On Saturday 4 July, the Clock Tower will be illuminated blue to mark the occasion, with this year's anniversary an opportunity to say thank you to all those working hard in the NHS and for all they have done during the coronavirus outbreak.

Cllr Michael Graham
Cllr Michael Graham

​Cllr Michael Graham, Wakefield Council's Cabinet Member for Corporate Services, said: "During these very difficult and challenging times, we have needed the NHS more than ever and we are very grateful to all the dedicated NHS staff, care workers and all key workers playing vital roles in helping to care and protect people and keep vital services open during the coronavirus pandemic.

"We are proud to light up the Clock Tower to show how much we truly appreciate the amazing work of the NHS."

During the coronavirus outbreak, the Clock Tower has been illuminated each Tuesday in green, a colour often recognised in support of health and social care workers and in blue each Thursday, in support of the NHS and all key workers.