Change to permit scheme will reduce road work disruption

11/02/2020, PR-9293


​A scheme to minimise the disruption caused by road works is being introduced by Wakefield Council.

The new scheme will allow the Council to manage and co-ordinate all road works taking place across the district. Currently, utility companies only need to obtain a permit from the Council when undertaking works on the busiest 30 per cent of roads in the district. Under the new scheme, all companies will have to seek permission to undertake roadworks on any road in the district.

Effective co-ordination and management of road works will reduce congestion, act to reduce CO2 emissions and help to keep the district moving.

In granting a permit to work, the Council is also required to manage the performance of the works and their contractors – meaning that if roads have not been replaced in good enough condition, the Council can insist that further repairs be carried out and for significant fines to be applied. 

Cllr Matthew Morley
Cllr Matthew Morley

​Cllr Matthew Morley, Wakefield Council’s Cabinet Member for Planning and Highways, said: “We know that road works across the district cause delays and disruption to road users but by having the power to co-ordinate these works, we can minimise that disruption greatly.

“It also gives us the power to ensure that works are completed to a high standard. Even if works are unplanned, such as a gas leak, then the Council can make sure that it is fixed quickly and the road replaced to a high standard.   

“An effective highway network supports our economy, connects businesses and makes Wakefield a better place to live and visit. If part of that also helps to improve air quality, that’s an added bonus for the Council.”

The Council are working with local authorities in Calderdale, Kirklees, Leeds and Sheffield to implement the scheme, which will also give greater control over cross-boundary roads.

The Council will employ more staff to manage, coordinate and enforce the new permit scheme with the additional costs being met from permit fees.

The scheme will come into effect on 4 March 2020.